Black Bear in a Crock Pot

I’m the daughter, niece, and granddaughter of avid outdoorsmen. Which means I grew up with wild game as a regular treat on our table. We grew up eating duck, goose, deer, and fresh fish. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

A while ago my Father and Grandfather went on a black bear hunt and were quite successful so I was able to have Bear for the first time. My mother threw a Bear Feast! She cooked up the meat several different ways and invited family and friends to try. So delicious.

Well I forgot that they had given us some bear meat until a week ago when I had to empty out our freezer. Someone left the freezer open all night so everything was either thawed or mostly thawed so I cleaned up the melted mess and found 2 decent sized packages of bear meat. Yummy!

Last night I decided it was time to cook it up. So I got the ingredients together.

2 cans vegetable broth or you could use beef broth

1 Tb soy sauce

1 tsp garlic powder

1 onion diced

1 lb of Bear or beef roast, trim fat and cut into bite size pieces

You could also add chopped carrots, potatoes, parsnips, etc to make it more of a stew if you want.

Now here’s the hard part. Put it all into the crockpot and cook on high for about 6 hours or on low for 8 hours.

When it finished cooking I served it over homemade mashed potatoes.

it was so delicious I forgot to take pictures before we ate it all. Hahaha! Classic rookie mistake but trust me it looked and tasted GREAT!

After the meat was eaten up I realized that we had a lot of liquid left over that tasted really good so I poured it into some ice cube trays and froze it to use for later. It would make yummy gravy I think.

Happy Eating!



I’m celebrating the one month anniversary of my blog and craft business.

UPDATE: *Yesterday June, 17, 2015 beet the highest number of views in one day with 35 views and I have had 100 visitors on my blog since I started a month ago! Thank you God for all you have done*

So far I have been blessed with

2 custom orders

MoMade Creations hair ties

20 likes on my blog

8 followers on my blog

46 likes on my facebook page

8 followers on my facebook page

Thank you for your support and please keep shareing and visit my Facebook page


Order 2!

The second order I recieved was for some cute hair clips with hearts on them.

My client loves them and gifted them to her niece and I had such fun making them.

they did turn out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

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Order #1 is a Success!

The very first MoMade Creations order has been made, sent, and recieved. So now I can post about it. My client ordered 2 braided headbands and 10 hair ties all with a red, white, and blue theme. She is attending the Women’s World Cup in Canada to cheer on Team USA!

MoMade Creations HeadbandMoMade Creations hair ties

I think I captured the theme very well if I do say so myself. All that matters is that my client likes them and enjoys wearing them. She was kind enough to share some pictures with me for this post.

MoMade Creations MoMade Creations

As a thank you for being my first custom order she recieved a free gift with her order.

MoMade Creations headbands

One headband to go with the red, white, and blue theme and another just for fun.

braided headbands $5

single headbands $2

hair ties $1

To order you can contact me by


sending a message through

or commenting below.

Hair Clips

I do not like ribbon wrapped hair clips.

The ribbon covers up the point on the clip which makes them difficult to put in. My daughter Bug can not put them into her hair on her own so she won’t wear them. She’s very independent and enjoys getting herself ready in the mornings.

My mother went on vacation a couple years ago to South Carolina, she has been going almost every year for the past 12 years and she always finds cute things. She bought some cute ribbon wrapped hair clips from a local store and gave them to Bug. Which she and I didn’t appreciate until we looked closer. The clips were only partially wrapped.

Spring flowers  Spring Flowers

I wish I could remember who or what shop created these cute clips but it was so long ago I just can’t remember. If anyone recognizes these as their creation please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

On with the post!

Me being me I looked the clips over and figured out how to make them. Which was pretty easy considering how simple they are. Now I’m sharing with you.


scissors, felt, seed beads, 3/8 inch ribbon, glue (I used E6000 but hot glue, craft glue, fabric glue work), metal clips, thread, needle, lighter or matches, ruler

Please be careful when using fire of any kind to melt material. Please exercise caution and use a well ventilated area. DO NOT melt material with glue on it, this could cause the material to catch on fire. For people 18 yrs old and younger please ask an adult for permission before continuing.



Cut a 5 inch length of ribbon

use the lighter to melt the unfinished edges of the ribbon. Be Careful!!

place one end of the ribbon decoration down inside the clip pushing the ribbon all the way to the inside hinge being careful not to bunch the ribbon up.

put the glue on the wrong side of the ribbon and press onto the clip

wrap the ribbon over the tip of the clip putting globs of glue on the ribbon along the way

wrap the ribbon around the hinge and then stop just after you pass the hinge on the under side of the clip and glue in place.

now wait for the glue to dry.


use some felt to cut shapes out of and keep them in place with small bits of glue.

finish off with a blanket stitch on the edge and loop through some beads.

glue embelishment to ribbon wrapped clip.

wait for the glue to dry over night and it’s ready to wear!

Star Spangled    Freedom

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Please be careful when using fire of any kind to melt material. Please exercise caution and do this in a well ventilated area. DO NOT melt material with glue on it, this could cause the material to catch on fire. For people 18 yrs old and younger please ask an adult for permission before continuing.

Party Garland Tutorial

Let’s Party!

My daughter wanted a yarn garland for her birthday party. Or as she called it a Party String Thingy. Hehehe!

Supplies: a skein or yarn, scissors, 4X4inch piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box), sewing needle.


The Tassles

Start by cutting a slit in the bottom corner of the cardboard square. Slip the end of your yarn into this slit to hold it in place. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard 25 times tightly without bending the board. Cut the tail free from the skein. Now carefully slide the wrapped yarn off the board. Now wrap a new piece of yarn around the board 1 time and cut it free.

Wrapped yarn

Lay the single wrapped piece of yarn horizontal and flattened out onto your work surface. Place the large wrapped bunch of yarn so the top loops are just above the line you made with the other piece. Tie the single yarn in a knot around the top loop. Be sure to pull tightly.

Yarn tassle

To finish off the tassle place one blade of the scissors through the bottom loops and tug firmly on the bottom loops while you cut them so they’re all the same length. Trim any long pieces off the bottom.


Repeat for however many Tassles you’d like. I made 15 and realized I didn’t have enough yarn to make anymore that had 25 wraps so it seemed like a natural stopping point.

Tassle garland

Stringing the Tassles:

Initially I was going to space them evenly on a string of yarn and knot them to stay in place. Then I decided that I wanted versatility so I did not tie knots to keep them in place.

Measure out a stretch of yarn that meets your needs making sure to leave enough length to tie it off when you hang it up. Use your needle and thread it through the first tassle. Slide the tassle where you want it on the string then loop the string back through the same way as before. It makes a loop and keeps the tassle in place. Or you can always use knots.

Here are a couple more pictures from the party!




Childproof Window TUTORIAL!

Due to all the interest I recieved regarding the Childproof Window Gate my wonderful husband Mr. Fixit was kind enough to explain how he created it. If you have any questions please ask them in comments section or you can email me at

How to Build Your Own Child Safety Gate


Two 2X4’s cut to your needed length. They should be taller than the piece of deck railing.

1 piece of deck railing

2 hinges

1 lock that meets your needs, in my case I used a sliding bolt lock.



Screw gun

Circular saw

Tape measure


The Build:

The build is pretty simple. I started by using the two by fours to build the window out. I placed one two by four on each side of the window and secured the boards with screws. I made sure that the piece of deck railing would fit in between the two by fours. This was important because otherwise my lock would not work. Next I attached the hinges to the deck railing and then attached the hinges to the two by four. If you look at the picture posted on the blog you can see how this was done. I put the gate together this way because it made the build quick and easy. If you feel more ambitious you can take this a whole lot further. Finally I attached my lock. In my case I had close the gate and then mark where each side of the lock needed to be attached.

Please, if you have any questions post them here on the blog. Mr. Fixit would be happy to answer them or even help you trouble shoot a difficult build.

Birthday Party!

Our daughter Bug just turned 6 this past sunday (5/17/15) and our oldest son AJ turned 4 last monday (5/11/15). So yesterday we had a PARTY to celebrate both their birthdays. We were so blessed to see lots of extended family from out of town

Both children really like all the books by Eric Carle. Specifically The Very Hungry Caterpillar. So we used that as our theme and went from there.

We made several decorations for the party and drew inspiration from the book. Making the decorations with my children was a lot of fun and we just kept it simple. The homemade decorations included caterpillars, tassel garland,ring garland, and our cocoon piñata. I will have the decoration tutorials at a later date.


The main inspiration from the book involved the food. According to our daughter we needed to have a little bit of everything he eats in the book. Which originally I thought wouldn’t be a big deal because he’s eating through different fruit. Then I was reminded about the page where he gorges himself on all sorts of different foods. Our food selection was quite extensive and I took a couple liberties in order to provide food our kids were mo likely to eat.


There were apples, canned pears, plumes (which were actually red grapes since plums aren’t in season), strawberries, and clementines for oranges. Plus we also had to have chocolate cake, ice cream cones, pickles, swiss cheese, salami, lollipop/ sucker, cherry pie filling to top the ice cream, sausage which was actually ring bologna, cupcakes, and watermelon. Did I mention we had a lot of food?! What an incredible blessing to be able to share so much food and be surrounded by so much family.

Nursing Cover

Before our third and youngest son LittleT was born I made a few things I thought would be handy.

The first thing I made was a nursing cover. I never had one with the others but kind of always wanted one. This time around I had a sewing machine and the perfect women superhero fabric so I went to work.


I made this a while ago so I don’t have an photos from the making of the cover but I can still walk you through it a bit.

First, wash and dry the fabric using a garment bag on a gentle cycle and medium heat. Why? There’s nothing that frustrates me more than spending time to make something only to have it shrink and get all wavy looking after I wash it. So by prewashing the waves are usually avoided. Be sure to trim off any loose threads before sewing.

I had one yard of awesome Wonder Woman fabric so I folded the edges down, pinned, ironed and sewed all the way around the edge. On sides with salvage you only need to fold over once but be sure it’s wide enough so the salvage isn’t visible from the front. On the cut edges you’ll want to fold them twice to prevent fraying. I did 1/2in hems and sewed as close to the loose edge as I could.


Now set that aside a moment and get some scraps to make a strap. Approximately 2 1/2in wide 7in long for the short side and 2 1/2in wide and 26in long for the long side. Fold each piece in half like a hotdog with wrong sides together and sew up one long side, along a short side, and back down the other long side with a 1/4in allowance. DO NOT SEW BOTH SHORT ENDS SHUT! You need one of them open to flip it right side out. Flip them, iron them, and top stitch them.


Sew two 1in D rings onto the finished end of the short strap. Are you with me still? You can set this part aside for a minute and get your main fabric back out. I promise to have better pictures next time.


Next you need to choose which side will be the top of your main fabric. Some fabrics have an obvious top and bottom due to the direction of the print. Now you’re ready to find the middle of the top edge and mark it with a pin.

If you don’t want boning then measure 8in from the middle mark in both directions. Pin your straps, sew them down, and enjoy.

If you want to sew in some boning now is the time. I used 16in of 1/4in boning with a black polyester cover. You found the middle of the fabric now find the middle of the boning and pin it to the middle of the fabrics edge on the wrong side with it curling up. Now pin the rest of the boning down working your way to the outer edges. On either side of the boning pin down the raw edges of the straps. To avoid loose threads fold the edges under. DO NOT pin the straps on top of the boneing. I’m right handed so I put the short strap with the rings on the right side of the boneing for easy single hand access.


Now sew down the straps and the boneing with a zig zag stitch in one swoop. Just sew right over top of the boneing. I know it seems scary but with a heavy duty sewing needle everything is possible. Now trim up the threads and you’re ready to test it out.

All Done!

If the idea of making your own nursing cover seems a bit scary then email me at to place your custom order today.

Childproof Window

Our oldest son AJ is autistic and soon to turn 4. Which means typical child proofing measures don’t always keep him safe. Since he is older he has the coordination to get outlet covers off and undo latches. But he fears nothing when others his age typically have a healthy fear of things like going into the road and falling off the top of a slide. So his second story bedroom window becomes a problem when he feels the need to lean on the screen and hit the old glass in the window (that’s going to be replaced). We needed something to protect the window and keep him safe.

After looking all over the Internet we found…..nothing. Everything for window safety says its “easily removed” which concerns us since he’s so cleaver. Plus we don’t want to spend 100$ on something he can unhook.

My awesome husband BigT used some leftovers from when he built our back deck. He used a section of railing, hinges, and a latch. POOF!


A child proof window gate is born and it only cost a few bucks for the hardware. Best part is that it doesn’t fit exactly perfect so the latch is difficult to unlatch for AJ. We have a winner!