Nursing Cover

Before our third and youngest son LittleT was born I made a few things I thought would be handy.

The first thing I made was a nursing cover. I never had one with the others but kind of always wanted one. This time around I had a sewing machine and the perfect women superhero fabric so I went to work.


I made this a while ago so I don’t have an photos from the making of the cover but I can still walk you through it a bit.

First, wash and dry the fabric using a garment bag on a gentle cycle and medium heat. Why? There’s nothing that frustrates me more than spending time to make something only to have it shrink and get all wavy looking after I wash it. So by prewashing the waves are usually avoided. Be sure to trim off any loose threads before sewing.

I had one yard of awesome Wonder Woman fabric so I folded the edges down, pinned, ironed and sewed all the way around the edge. On sides with salvage you only need to fold over once but be sure it’s wide enough so the salvage isn’t visible from the front. On the cut edges you’ll want to fold them twice to prevent fraying. I did 1/2in hems and sewed as close to the loose edge as I could.


Now set that aside a moment and get some scraps to make a strap. Approximately 2 1/2in wide 7in long for the short side and 2 1/2in wide and 26in long for the long side. Fold each piece in half like a hotdog with wrong sides together and sew up one long side, along a short side, and back down the other long side with a 1/4in allowance. DO NOT SEW BOTH SHORT ENDS SHUT! You need one of them open to flip it right side out. Flip them, iron them, and top stitch them.


Sew two 1in D rings onto the finished end of the short strap. Are you with me still? You can set this part aside for a minute and get your main fabric back out. I promise to have better pictures next time.


Next you need to choose which side will be the top of your main fabric. Some fabrics have an obvious top and bottom due to the direction of the print. Now you’re ready to find the middle of the top edge and mark it with a pin.

If you don’t want boning then measure 8in from the middle mark in both directions. Pin your straps, sew them down, and enjoy.

If you want to sew in some boning now is the time. I used 16in of 1/4in boning with a black polyester cover. You found the middle of the fabric now find the middle of the boning and pin it to the middle of the fabrics edge on the wrong side with it curling up. Now pin the rest of the boning down working your way to the outer edges. On either side of the boning pin down the raw edges of the straps. To avoid loose threads fold the edges under. DO NOT pin the straps on top of the boneing. I’m right handed so I put the short strap with the rings on the right side of the boneing for easy single hand access.


Now sew down the straps and the boneing with a zig zag stitch in one swoop. Just sew right over top of the boneing. I know it seems scary but with a heavy duty sewing needle everything is possible. Now trim up the threads and you’re ready to test it out.

All Done!

If the idea of making your own nursing cover seems a bit scary then email me at to place your custom order today.


6 thoughts on “Nursing Cover

    • I agree that every woman, especially moms, should wear Superhero Women. We all have our own strengths and unique superpowers. I visited your blog as well and enjoyed many of your posts. Your Veritas reminds me of my mothers old metal Kenmore that I learned to sew on. They just don’t make them like they used to. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • So true. So true! 🙂 And can you image that only one year ago I was considering to buy a new sewing machine? I was especially missing an embroidery option. However, then I decided I’m going to stick to the old one. It’s heavy and robust. And for a 35-year old machine it can do way more than straight and ZigZag stitches. Finally, my grandmother had a Veritas, so did my mother. Now it’s my turn and I didn’t regret that choice. 🙂 Is the metal Kenmore of your Mom still running?


      • It is still running perfectly. When We bought my sewing machine I tried to find one like my moms with no luck. I do enjoy the Singer my husband bought me though. It’s the same kind of machine we used in Home Ec class in High School so I know it well. But if I ever see a Kenmore at a garage sale I don’t think I’ll be able to pass it up.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha! 🙂 You learned sewing in High School? That’s so awesome! We don’t have this in Germany. 😦 Crossing my fingers that a Kenmore will find you one day! 🙂


      • Yes, we had a sewing and cooking class in sorry I ment Middle School but we had one in HS to. But in middle school it was mandatory the first time and I loved it so I took it 2 times in middle school and once in high school. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but am so glad you have yours. Happy Sewing!!

        Liked by 1 person

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