Birthday Party!

Our daughter Bug just turned 6 this past sunday (5/17/15) and our oldest son AJ turned 4 last monday (5/11/15). So yesterday we had a PARTY to celebrate both their birthdays. We were so blessed to see lots of extended family from out of town

Both children really like all the books by Eric Carle. Specifically The Very Hungry Caterpillar. So we used that as our theme and went from there.

We made several decorations for the party and drew inspiration from the book. Making the decorations with my children was a lot of fun and we just kept it simple. The homemade decorations included caterpillars, tassel garland,ring garland, and our cocoon piƱata. I will have the decoration tutorials at a later date.


The main inspiration from the book involved the food. According to our daughter we needed to have a little bit of everything he eats in the book. Which originally I thought wouldn’t be a big deal because he’s eating through different fruit. Then I was reminded about the page where he gorges himself on all sorts of different foods. Our food selection was quite extensive and I took a couple liberties in order to provide food our kids were mo likely to eat.


There were apples, canned pears, plumes (which were actually red grapes since plums aren’t in season), strawberries, and clementines for oranges. Plus we also had to have chocolate cake, ice cream cones, pickles, swiss cheese, salami, lollipop/ sucker, cherry pie filling to top the ice cream, sausage which was actually ring bologna, cupcakes, and watermelon. Did I mention we had a lot of food?! What an incredible blessing to be able to share so much food and be surrounded by so much family.


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