Party Garland Tutorial

Let’s Party!

My daughter wanted a yarn garland for her birthday party. Or as she called it a Party String Thingy. Hehehe!

Supplies: a skein or yarn, scissors, 4X4inch piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box), sewing needle.


The Tassles

Start by cutting a slit in the bottom corner of the cardboard square. Slip the end of your yarn into this slit to hold it in place. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard 25 times tightly without bending the board. Cut the tail free from the skein. Now carefully slide the wrapped yarn off the board. Now wrap a new piece of yarn around the board 1 time and cut it free.

Wrapped yarn

Lay the single wrapped piece of yarn horizontal and flattened out onto your work surface. Place the large wrapped bunch of yarn so the top loops are just above the line you made with the other piece. Tie the single yarn in a knot around the top loop. Be sure to pull tightly.

Yarn tassle

To finish off the tassle place one blade of the scissors through the bottom loops and tug firmly on the bottom loops while you cut them so they’re all the same length. Trim any long pieces off the bottom.


Repeat for however many Tassles you’d like. I made 15 and realized I didn’t have enough yarn to make anymore that had 25 wraps so it seemed like a natural stopping point.

Tassle garland

Stringing the Tassles:

Initially I was going to space them evenly on a string of yarn and knot them to stay in place. Then I decided that I wanted versatility so I did not tie knots to keep them in place.

Measure out a stretch of yarn that meets your needs making sure to leave enough length to tie it off when you hang it up. Use your needle and thread it through the first tassle. Slide the tassle where you want it on the string then loop the string back through the same way as before. It makes a loop and keeps the tassle in place. Or you can always use knots.

Here are a couple more pictures from the party!





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