I’m celebrating the one month anniversary of my blog and craft business.

UPDATE: *Yesterday June, 17, 2015 beet the highest number of views in one day with 35 views and I have had 100 visitors on my blog since I started a month ago! Thank you God for all you have done*

So far I have been blessed with

2 custom orders


MoMade Creations hair ties

20 likes on my blog

8 followers on my blog

46 likes on my facebook page

8 followers on my facebook page

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Order 2!

The second order I recieved was for some cute hair clips with hearts on them.


My client loves them and gifted them to her niece and I had such fun making them.

they did turn out pretty cute if I do say so myself.



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Order #1 is a Success!

The very first MoMade Creations order has been made, sent, and recieved. So now I can post about it. My client ordered 2 braided headbands and 10 hair ties all with a red, white, and blue theme. She is attending the Women’s World Cup in Canada to cheer on Team USA!

MoMade Creations HeadbandMoMade Creations hair ties

I think I captured the theme very well if I do say so myself. All that matters is that my client likes them and enjoys wearing them. She was kind enough to share some pictures with me for this post.

MoMade Creations MoMade Creations

As a thank you for being my first custom order she recieved a free gift with her order.

MoMade Creations headbands

One headband to go with the red, white, and blue theme and another just for fun.

braided headbands $5

single headbands $2

hair ties $1

To order you can contact me by

emailing momadecreations@yahoo.com

sending a message through http://www.facebook.com/momadecreations

or commenting below.