Childproof Window TUTORIAL!

Due to all the interest I recieved regarding the Childproof Window Gate my wonderful husband Mr. Fixit was kind enough to explain how he created it. If you have any questions please ask them in comments section or you can email me at

How to Build Your Own Child Safety Gate


Two 2X4’s cut to your needed length. They should be taller than the piece of deck railing.

1 piece of deck railing

2 hinges

1 lock that meets your needs, in my case I used a sliding bolt lock.



Screw gun

Circular saw

Tape measure


The Build:

The build is pretty simple. I started by using the two by fours to build the window out. I placed one two by four on each side of the window and secured the boards with screws. I made sure that the piece of deck railing would fit in between the two by fours. This was important because otherwise my lock would not work. Next I attached the hinges to the deck railing and then attached the hinges to the two by four. If you look at the picture posted on the blog you can see how this was done. I put the gate together this way because it made the build quick and easy. If you feel more ambitious you can take this a whole lot further. Finally I attached my lock. In my case I had close the gate and then mark where each side of the lock needed to be attached.

Please, if you have any questions post them here on the blog. Mr. Fixit would be happy to answer them or even help you trouble shoot a difficult build.


Childproof Window

Our oldest son AJ is autistic and soon to turn 4. Which means typical child proofing measures don’t always keep him safe. Since he is older he has the coordination to get outlet covers off and undo latches. But he fears nothing when others his age typically have a healthy fear of things like going into the road and falling off the top of a slide. So his second story bedroom window becomes a problem when he feels the need to lean on the screen and hit the old glass in the window (that’s going to be replaced). We needed something to protect the window and keep him safe.

After looking all over the Internet we found…..nothing. Everything for window safety says its “easily removed” which concerns us since he’s so cleaver. Plus we don’t want to spend 100$ on something he can unhook.

My awesome husband BigT used some leftovers from when he built our back deck. He used a section of railing, hinges, and a latch. POOF!


A child proof window gate is born and it only cost a few bucks for the hardware. Best part is that it doesn’t fit exactly perfect so the latch is difficult to unlatch for AJ. We have a winner!